Wilmington NC Events FUNDRAISER: Panacea Paddle

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Event Title : FUNDRAISER: Panacea Paddle
Event Date : 11-Jun-2011
Start Time : N/A
End Time : N/A
Category : Festivals
Location : Carolina Beach Marina
Address : 100 Carl Winner Avenue
City : Carolina Beach
State : NC
Zip : 28428
Phone : 910-508-8088
Contact : Zac Adair
Description : A full-day festival, the Panacea Paddle takes places at the Carolina Beach Marina in Carolina Beach NC. The venue involves live music performances, food and beverage on-site at the local restaurants. For the sports lovers - kayak competitions and stand up paddleboard. The Panacea Paddle is open to anybody with any ability, money will be raised for the special needs population.

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  Wilmington NC Events - FUNDRAISER: Panacea Paddle  
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